NO ESCAPE 2 EN : 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007

THE 69 EYES:deuce (kiss)
THE 69 EYES:call me (blondie)
88 FINGERS LOUIE:help (the beatles)
ABSENTEE:revolve (the melvins)
AGENT ORANGE:on a plain (nirvana)
ALKALINE TRIO:wait for the blackout (the damned)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS:white riot (live) (the clash)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS:if the kids are united (live) (sham 69)
ANTHRAX:chromatic death (s.o.d.)
ASH:only in dreams (live) (weezer)
JOHAN ASHERTON  with STEPHANE DAMBRY:the most forgotten french boy (les dogs)
BABY RUTH:sell your body (to the night) (turbonegro)
BACKSLIDERS:savage (the fun things)
BANE:we stand alone (sick of it all)
BLACK FLAG:louie, louie (richard berry)
THE BLACK HALOS:russian roulette (the lords of the new church)
THE BLACK HALOS:mr. barfly (the dogs d'amour)
BLANKS 77:smells like teen spirit (nirvana)
THE BOUNCING SOULS:good lookin' out (sick of it all)
BURNING HEADS:popcorn (vulgaires machins)
BURNING HEADS:capital (vulgaires machins)
BURNING HEADS:les gens de l'occident (vulgaires machins)
THE CARPETTES:fan club (the damned)
JOHNNY CASH with JOE STRUMMER:redemption song (bob marley)
NICK CASH - 999:tommy gun (the clash)
CHALLENGER 7:move a little closer (the screaming tribesmen)
CHELSEA:45 rpm (the alarm)
CHELSEA:linoleum (nofx)
CHILDREN OF BODOM:silent scream (slayer)
COALESCE:whole lotta love (led zeppelin)
COALESCE:supernaut (black sabbath)
COSMIC PSYCHOS:skirtlifter (buffalo)
THE CRACK:all or nothing (the small faces)
D.I.:please play this song on the radio (nofx)
DARKEST HOUR:nazi punks fuck off (dead kennedys)
THE DICTATORS:i just wanna have something to do (the ramones)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN:honey bucket (the melvins)
DOUBLE SHOT:submission (sex pistols)
DROPKICK MURPHYS:jailbreak (thin lizzy)
THE ESCALATORS:get offa my cloud (live) (the rolling stones)
THE ESCALATORS:get me to the world on time (live) (nancie mantz, annette tucker)
FACE TO FACE:paint it black (the rolling stones)
FACE TO FACE:telling them (live) (social distortion)
FACE TO FACE (fr):sonic reducer (dead boys)
FACE TO FACE (fr):sheena (sheena is a punk rocker) (live in dunkerque) (the ramones)
THE FALL:victoria (the kinks)
THE FALL:there's a ghost in my house (r. dean taylor)
MICKEY FITZ - THE BUSINESS:clash city rockers (the clash)
MICKEY FITZ - THE BUSINESS:police on my back (the equals)
FIZZY BANGERS:el lay (nofx)
FLIPPER:hot dog in a hallway (nofx)
FOO FIGHTERS:i'm in love with the german fim stars (the passions)
FRAKTURE:boy (les dogs)
GALLOWS:nervous breakdown (black flag)
GANG GREEN:suspect device (stiff little fingers)
GIGANTOR:asia no junshin (puffy amiyumi)
THE GIRL THING:sam hell (helmet)
GLUECIFER:going down (the backstreet girls)
THE GODFATHERS:how does it feel to feel (the creation)
GOOD CLEAN FUN:x-mas time for the saints (crucified for your sins) (iron cross)
GROOVIE GHOULIES:the brews (nofx)
HAGFISH:teenage kicks (the undertones)
HAMMER BROS.:don't tread on me (cro-mags)
HARD-ONS:c.i.d. (u.k. subs)
HARD-ONS:walk all over you (ac/dc)
CHARLIE HARPER - U.K. SUBS:police and thieves (junior murvin, lee perry)
THE HELLACOPTERS:what'd ya do (the ramones)
THE HELLACOPTERS:television addict (the victims)
THE HELLACOPTERS:dirty women (black sabbath)
THE HELLACOPTERS:i got a right (iggy pop, james williamson)
THE HELLACOPTERS:stab your back (the damned)
THE HELLACOPTERS:master race rock (the dictators)
THE HELLACOPTERS:ain't nothin' to do (dead boys)
THE HELLACOPTERS:all american man (kiss)
THE HELLACOPTERS:low down shakin' chills (the nomads)
THE HELLACOPTERS:i want a lip (april stevens)
THE HELLACOPTERS:american ruse (mc 5)
THE HELLACOPTERS:get ready (smokey robinson)
HI-STANDARD:the kids are allright (the who)
HI-STANDARD:can't help falling in love with you (george david weiss, hugo peretti, luigi creatore)
HI-STANDARD:california dream (the mamas and the papas)
HI-STANDARD:have you ever seen the rain (john fogerty)
THE HIVES:numbers (the adicts)
THE HIVES:lost and found (live) (the saints)
THE HIVES:back in black (ac-dc)
HOLLY TREE:liar (the damned)
HOLLY TREE:frustration paradise (the carpettes)
HOLLY TREE:do anything you wanna do (eddie and the hot rods)
HOLLY TREE:hurry up harry (sham 69)
HOLLY TREE:alternative ulster (stiff little fingers)
HOLLY TREE:oh bondage up yours! (x-ray spex)
HOLLY TREE:i don't mind (the buzzcocks)
HOLLY TREE:in the city (the jam)
HOLLY TREE:male model (the undertones)
HOLLY TREE:viva la revolution (the adicts)
HOLLY TREE:living in the city (the boys)
BILL HURLEY with THE GODFATHERS:la grange (zz top)
INSTED:one to two (dag nasty)
INTEGRITY:hybrid moments (the misfits)
JACK AND THE BEAMTALKS:slave girl (the lime spiders)
JAWBREAKER:pack it up (the pretenders)
JESUS JONES:we are so fragile (gary numan)
JINGO DE LUNCH:cowboy song (thin lizzy)
JINGO DE LUNCH:pay to cum (bad brains)
KID DYNAMITE:rise above (black flag)
KILL YOUR IDOLS:friends like you (sick of it all)
KILL YOUR IDOLS:vengeance (breakdown)
THE KILLERS:shadowplay (joy division)
KYLESA:set the controls for the heart of the sun (pink floyd)
LAGWAGON:no one like you (scorpions)
LAGWAGON:kids in america (kim wilde)
LAGWAGON:everything turns grey (agent orange)
LAGWAGON:bring on the dancing horses (echo and the bunnymen)
LEMONHEADS:mrs robinson (simon and garfunkel)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:(ghost) riders in the sky (gene autry)
THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES:rudie can't fail (the clash)
MILLENCOLIN:the israelites (desmond dekker)
MISFITS:great balls of fire (otis blackwell, jack hammer)
NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS:planet earth (duran duran)
NIBLICK HENBANE:the great rock 'n' roll swindle (the ex-pistols)
NO MEANS NO:victoria (the kinks)
NO MEANS NO:manic depression (jimi hendrix)
NO USE FOR A NAME:hybrid moments (the misfits)
NO USE FOR A NAME:beth (kiss)
THE NOMADS:problem child (live) (the damned)
THE NOMADS:i remember you (the ramones)
THE NOMADS:hard to cry (the northwest company)
THE NOMADS:been burnt (luke and the apostles)
THE NOMADS:who dat? (the jury)
THE NOMADS:that's my girl (rotten to the core) (the great scots)
THE NOMADS:nothin' (the ugly ducklings)
THE NOMADS:she ain't no use to me (the ugly ducklings)
OCTOBER FILE:under the house (public image limited)
PENNYWISE:i get around (the beach boys)
PENNYWISE:down under (men at work)
PENNYWISE:my life (sick of it all)
PENNYWISE:don't care (circle jerks)
PENNYWISE:live fast die young (circle jerks)
MIKE PETERS - THE ALARM:white man in hammersmith palais (the clash)
POP WILL EAT ITSELF:friends (gary numan)
THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:video killed the radio star (the buggles)
THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:ça plane pour moi (deprijk, lacomblez)
LES PRIMITIVES:teenage kicks (the undertones)
LES PRIMITIVES:surfin' bird (the trashmen)
LES PRIMITIVES:goo goo muck (the cramps)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE:white wedding (billy idol)
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE:precious and grace (zz top)
DEE DEE RAMONE:motorbikin' (chris speeding)
DEE DEE RAMONE:cathy's clown (the everly brothers)
DEE DEE RAMONE:i wanna be sedated (the ramones)
DEE DEE RAMONE:shaking all over (johnny kidd and the pirates)
DEE DEE RAMONE:teenage lobotomy (the ramones)
DEE DEE RAMONE:negative creep (nirvana)
RAMONES:surfin' bird (the trashmen)
RAMONES:when i was young (the animals)
RANCID:cheat (the clash)
RATOS DE PORAO:suspect device (stiff little fingers)
RATOS DE PORAO:yeah yeah yeah (the vibrators)
DUNCAN "KID" REID - THE BOYS:complete control (the clash)
THE REPEATERS:do you love me (berry gordy junior)
RIGHT BRIGADE:hang up your boots (slapshot)
RISE AGAINST:built to last (sick of it all)
RISE AGAINST:nervous breakdown (black flag)
RIVAL SCHOOLS:seems so real (why can't i touch it) (buzzcocks)
RTZ GLOBAL:guns of brixton (the clash)
SAHARA HOTNIGHTS:rockaway beach (the ramones)
SATOR:mental hell (the ramones)
THE SCARLET LETTER:anything, anything (dramarama)
SCREAMING DEAD:paint it black (the rolling stones)
SCREECHING WEASEL:suspect device (stiff little fingers)
SEPULTURA:we gotta know (live) (cro-mags)
SHEEK THE SHAYK AND HIS ROYAL:liquor fit (the lipstick killers)
SHUDDER TO THINK:crosstown traffic (jimi hendrix)
SIDEKICK:stickin in my eye (nofx)
SILVERCHAIR:london's burning (the clash)
THE SLICKEE BOYS:pictures of matchstik man (status quo)
SOCIAL DISTORTION:death or glory (the clash)
THE SODS:white light, white heat (the velvet underground)
THE SODS:ghost rider (suicide)
SORT SOL:blitzkrieg bop (the ramones)
SOULFLY:beautiful people (marilyn manson, twiggy ramirez)
SOUR:what's the matter with the kids today (nofx)
STAVESACRE:fascination street (the cure)
STEREOTYPERIDER:where is my mind (pixies)
STEREOTYPERIDER:jumping someone else's train (the cure)
STEREOTYPERIDER:lie and wait (quicksand)
STEREOTYPERIDER:lowest part is free (archers of loaf)
STEREOTYPERIDER:crush us all (seaweed)
STEREOTYPERIDER:styrofoam (fugazi)
STRETCH ARM STRONG:busted (sick of it all)
KENT STEEDMAN & THE TUBULAR GREENS:(i'm) stranded (the saints)
KENT STEEDMAN & THE TUBULAR GREENS:born out of time (new christs)
JOE STRUMMER AND THE MESCALEROS:blitzkrieg bop (live) (the ramones)
THE STUPIDS:no reason (minor threat)
THE STUPIDS:all set to go (hard-ons)
TEENGENERATE:savage (the fun things)
THERAPY?:lost highway (bbc evening session) (hank williams)
THROWDOWN:planets collide (crowbar)
TOILET BOYS:carbona not glue (the ramones)
TURBONEGRO:i walked with a zombie (live) (rocky erickson)
U.K. SUBS:tube disasters (flux of pink indians)
U.K. SUBS:my little red book (burt bacharach, hal david)
U.K. SUBS:captain scarlet (barry gray)
THE UNSEEN:beat it (michael jackson)
URBAN DOGS:sex kick (into the future) (the vibrators)
URBAN DOGS:dragnet (the vibrators)
THEE VIBRAFINGERS:what love is (dead boys)
THEE VIBRAFINGERS:action time vision (alternative tv)
THEE VIBRAFINGERS:back in town (the beach bitches)
THE VIBRATORS:liza (nofx)
VOIVOD:astronomy domine (pink floyd)
VULGAIRES MACHINS:push me (burning heads)
VULGAIRES MACHINS:s.o.s. (burning heads)
WARUM JOE:sex beat (the gun club)
WARUM JOE:l'aigle noir (barbara)
WARUM JOE:kommando (the ramones)
WONKY MONKEES:a different me (les dogs)