NO ESCAPE 2 EN : 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007

THE 101ers:out of time (live) (the rolling stones)
THE 101ers:juncopartner (live) (james wayne)
THE 101ers:maybelline (live) (chuck berry)
THE 101ers:gloria (live) (van morrison)
THE 101ers:don't let it go (live) (bo diddley)
32 LEAVES:zero (the smashing pumpkins)
36 CRAZYFISTS:digging the grave (faith no more)
7 SECONDS:99 luft ballons (nena)
A STATIC LULLABY:the everlasting gaze (the smashing pumpkins)
A THORN FOR EVERY HEART:jelly belly (the smashing pumpkins)
AGNOSTIC FRONT:your mistake (negative approach)
AGNOSTIC FRONT:blind justice (the business)
AIDEN:die, die my darling (the misfits)
ALL:christine 16 (kiss)
AMAZING TAILS:simple minds (dag nasty)
ANBERLIN:enjoy the silence (depeche mode)
ANTI-HEROS:white riot (live) (the clash)
ANTI-HEROS:rock n' roll nigger (patti smith group)
ANTI-HEROS:jailhouse rock (jerry leiber, mike stoller)
ANTI-SOCIAL:what have we got (sham 69)
ANTISEEN:i have alway been here before (rocky erickson)
ANTISEEN:surfin' bird (the thrashmen)
ANTISEEN:psycho killer (talking heads)
ANTISEEN:today your love, tomorrow the world (the ramones)
ANTISEEN:(don't worry) if there is hell below (curtis mayfield)
ANTISEEN:(we will not) remember you (anti-nowhere league)
ANTISEEN:haunted house (robert geddins)
ANTISEEN:it all breaks down (adam shame)
ANTISEEN:i saw the light (hank williams)
ARMOR FOR SLEEP:today (the smashing pumpkins)
ASH:melon farmer (lazergun nun)
AVENGED SEVENFOLD:walk (pantera)
BATTALION OF SAINTS A.D.:aces of spades (motörhead)
BIFFY CLYRO:buddy holly (weezer)
BIG BLACK:the model (kraftwerk)
BIG BLACK:he's a whore (cheap trick)
BLACK BOMB.A:beds are burning (midnight oil)
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER:i've heard it before (black flag)
THE BLACK HALOS:i need to know (tom petty and the heartbreaker)
THE BLACK HALOS:warsaw (warsaw)
THE BLACK HALOS:deuce (live) (kiss)
THE BLED:house of suffering (bad brains)
BLEEDING THROUGH:my war (black flag)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE:crazy train (ozzy osbourne, bob daisley, rhandy rhoads)
THE BUSINESS:tell us the truth (sham 69)
THE BUSINESS:anarchy in the u.k. (sex pistols)
THE BUSINESS:hurry up harry (sham 69)
THE BUSINESS:london calling (the clash)
THE BUSINESS:do anything you wanna do (eddie and the hot rods)
THE BUSINESS:when i come around (green day)
THE BUSINESS:do they owe us a living (crass)
THE BUSINESS:basket case (green day)
THE BUSINESS:pride (madball)
THE BUSINESS:pretty vacant (live) (sex pistols)
CABARET VOLTAIRE:no escape (the seeds)
THE CASUALTIES:4.q. (blitz)
THE CASUALTIES:society's fodder (riot squad)
THE CASUALTIES:dead cities (the exploited)
CELTIC FROST:mexican radio (wall of voodoo)
CELTIC FROST:heroes (david bowie)
CESIUM:algomania (les dogs)
CHAMPION:one to two (dag nasty)
CHILDREN OF BODOM:no commands (stone)
CHILDREN OF BODOM:hellion (w.a.s.p.)
CHIMAIRA:disposable heroes (metallica)
CHROME LOCUST:metropolis (motörhead)
THE CLASH:jail guitar doors (the 101ers)
THE CLASH:junco partner (james wayne)
COAL CHAMBER with OZZY OSBOURNE:shock the monkey (peter gabriel)

COLISEUM:judy is a punk (the ramones)
COLISEUM:am i demon (danzig)
CONFLICT:do they owe us a living (live) (crass)
COPELAND:black hole sun (soundgarden)
COSMIC PSYCHOS:sunrise (come my way) (buffalo)
COSMIC PSYCHOS:g.o.d. (lobby loyd)
COSMIC PSYCHOS:there she goes again (the velvet underground)
COSMIC PSYCHOS:garbage rock (halo of flies)
COUCH POTATOES:safe (dag nasty)
CROWD DETERRENT:reborn (slayer)
DARKEST HOUR:go back to the gym (battery)
DAY IN THE LIFE:street justice (dee snider)
THE DICKIES:nobody but me (ronald o' kelley, rudolph isley)
DIESEL BOY:looks that kill (mötley crue)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN:jesus christ pose (soundgarden)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN:angel (massive attack)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN:wish (nine inch nails)
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN:like i love you (justin timberlake)
DOOMRIDERS:possession (danzig)
DRAMARAMA:going blind (kiss)
DROWNINGMAN:loose nut (black flag)
EATER:sweet jane (the velvet underground)
EIGHTEEN VISIONS:quiet (the smashing pumpkins)
EIGHTEEN VISIONS:beautiful people (marilyn manson)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:frustration (crime)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:just like your mom (vox pop)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:not for sale (girlschool)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:borneo jimmy (the dictators)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:your emotions (dead kennedys)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:runnin' with the boss sound (generation x)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:rock' n' roll is dead (the rubinoos)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:tatoo vampire (the blue öyster cult)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:don't touch me, i'm electric (bill nelson's red noise)
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN:wish you were here (pink floyd)
EX-NUMBER FIVE:safe (dag nasty)
FIGHTSTAR:leper messiah (metallica)
FLESH EATERS:if you want blood (ac/dc)
FLESH EATERS:baby won't ya (mc5)
FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND:damaged, inc. (metallica)
GUILTY RAZORS:lucifer sam (pink floyd)
THE HANGMEN:slow death (the flaming groovies)
HAPPY HATE ME NOTS:resistance (live) (the sound)
HELLMENN:deuce (kiss)
HIT THE LIGHTS:hey jealousy (the gin blossoms)
HOT SNAKERS:time to escape (government issue)
HOW IT ENDS:angel of death (slayer)
FELIX:i'll survive (negative approach)
FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES:let's have a war (fear)
GIRL MONSTAR:is that you? (kiss)
HUM:invisible sun (live) (the police)
IN FLAMES:everything counts (depeche mode)
IGNITE:sunday bloody sunday (u2)
ILL NINO:zombie eaters (faith no more)
ILL NINO:territorial pissings (nirvana)
ILL NINO:red rain (peter gabriel)
INNERFACE:under your influence (dag nasty)
THE KILLING MOON:you oughta know (alanis morissette)
LAGWAGON:freedom of choice (devo)
LAGWAGON:want (jawbreaker)
LESS THAN JAKE:surrender (cheap trick)
LESS THAN JAKE:evil has no boundaries (slayer)
THE LIGHTNING SEEDS:lucifer sam (pink floyd)
LINK 80:harvester of sorrow (metallica)
LUPO:never go back (dag nasty)
MACH PELICAN:no way (les dogs)
MACHINE HEAD:battery (metallica)
MACHINE HEAD:house of suffering (bad brains)
MACHINE HEAD:message in a bottle (the police)
MAE:march of the pigs (nine inch nails)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:strawberry fields forever (live) (the beatles)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:heart of glass (live) (blondie)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:stairway to heaven (live) (led zeppelin)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:the times they are a changin' (bob dylan)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:the boxer (simon & garfunkel)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:you've got a friend (carole king)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:ain't no sunshine (bill whiters)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:hello (lionel richie)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:i'll be there (the jackson 5)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:where do broken hearts go (frank wildhorn, chuck jackson)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:save the best for last (phil galdston, wendy waldman, jon lind)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:all my lovin' (the beatles)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:wild world (cat stevens)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:desperado (the eagles)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:goodbye earl (the dixie chicks)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:east bound and down (jerry reed)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:i'm so lonesome i could cry (hank williams)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:jolene (dolly parton)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:on the road again (willie nelson)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:she believes in me (steve gibb)
ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES:annie's song (john denver)
MEGADETH:problems (sex pistols)
MEGADETH:no more, mr nice guy (alice cooper)
MEGADETH:paranoid (black sabbath)
MENDEED:the thing that should not be (metallica)
THE METHADONES:full moon turn my head around (off broadway)
THE METHADONES:welcome to the working week (elvis costello)
THE METHADONES:i'm the man (joe jackson)
THE METHADONES:starry eyes (the records)
THE METHADONES:he's a whore (cheap trick)
THE METHADONES:into you (the crash street kids)
THE METHADONES:back of my hand (the jags)
THE METHADONES:out of luck (the pointed sticks)
THE METHADONES:heart of the city (nick lowe)
THE METHADONES:goodbye to you (scandal)
THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES:detroit rock city (kiss)
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD:rise above (black flag)
MURDER CITY DEVILS:she (the misfits)
NAKED RAYGUN:suspect device (live) (stiff little fingers)
NASHVILLE PUSSY:highway to hell (ac/cd)
NEW ORDER:anarchy in the u.k. (live) (sex pistols)
NEW ORDER with MOBY:new dawn fades (live) (joy division)
THE NOMADS:picture my face (teenage head)
NO USE FOR A NAME:bad fish (sublime)
NOFX:no way (the adolescents)
NOSFERATU:somebody put someting in my drink (the ramones)
NOSFERATU:100 years (the cure)
NRG:i wanna be your dog (the stooges)
THE OFFSPRING:i wanna be sedated (the ramones)
P. PAUL FENECH:poison heart (the ramones)
PETER PAN SPEEDROCK:whos was in my room last night (the butthole surfers)
PIXIES:ain't that pretty at all (warren zevon)
PLAIN WHITE T'S:song 2 (blur)
RAMONES:somebody to love (darby slick)
RAMONES:surf city (the beach boys)
RAMONES:do you wanna dance (bobby freeman)
RAMONETTES:rockaway beach (the ramones)
RAMONETTES:i wanna be your your "girlfriend" (the ramones)
RAMONETTES:do you wanna dance (bobby freeman)
RAMONETTES:ramona (the ramones)
RAVI:fast cars (buzzcocks)
REM AND THE COURBARIANS:ace of spades (motörhead)
REMEMBERING NEVER:spray paints the wall (black flag)
RISE ABOVE-west memphis three benefit:six pack (black flag)
RISE ABOVE-west memphis three benefit:room 13 (black flag)
RISE ABOVE-west memphis three benefit:tv party (black flag)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT:who needs you (the real kids)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT:you & i (silver apples)
ROSES ARE RED:cherub rock (the smashing pumpkins)
RYKERS:london leatherboys (accept)
SCARY KIDS, SCARING KIDS:losing my religion (r.e.m.)
THE SCREAMING TRIBESMEN:stay with me (the dictators)
SEVEN HATE:values here (dag nasty)
SEVENDUST:i am (i'm me) (twisted sister)
SINERGY:hangin' on the telephone (the nerves)
THE SLICKEE BOYS:death lane (les dogs)
SPAZZ:lost cause (negative approach)
THE SPECIALS:do the dog (rufus thomas)
THE STARTING LINE:big time sensuality (björk)
STEPHEN PEARCY and PAGE HAMILTON:rock n' roll damnation (ac/dc)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS:mr fire coal man (the wailing souls)
STILL REMAINS:head like a hole (nine inch nails)
SUPER SPORT 396:circles (dag nasty)
SUPERSUCKERS:heavy heart (you am i)
SWINDLE:youth gone wild (skid row)
SYSTEM OF A DOWN:the metro (berlin)
TEMPO ZERO:s.f.s. (dag nasty)
TERROR:can i say (dag nasty)
THROWDOWN:london dungeon (the misfits)
THURSDAY:ever fallen in love (the buzzcocks)
THREE HOLES FILLED:role model (helmet)
THRICE:seeing red / sceaming at a wall (minor threat)
TRIBULATION:escape and run (7 seconds)
TURBONEGRO:war on the terraces (cockney rejects)
TURBONEGRO:the party starts now (the dictators)
TURBONEGRO:six pack (black flag)
TURBONEGRO:suffragette city (david bowie)
TURBONEGRO:just to get away (poison idea)
TURBONEGRO:jeg will bly som jesus (kjott)
TURBONEGRO:gimme shelter (the rolling stones)
TURBONEGRO:i don't care about you (fear)
TURNEDOWN:i don't know (ozzy osbourne)
U2 with GREEN DAY:the saints are coming (the skids)
UNEARTH LUST:the days of the phoenix (a.f.i.)
VAUX:1979 (the smashing pumpkins)
WEEB:3 1/2 (a.f.i.)
WEEB:perfect fit (a.f.i.)
WEEB:let it broke (a.f.i.)
ZAO:black coffee (black flag)
ZEKE:wratchild (iron maiden)
ZEKE:death train (antiseen)
ZEKE:wang dang (ted nugent)